Friday, November 23, 2007

VMware, server...Virtualize everything

If you are a computer enthusiast and you haven't heard of virtual machines, do yourself a favor read up on it. I consider it the next great step in computing since dual processors. This technology has been around longer than one may think. What is it you ask? Well simply put it is running a computer inside a computer, basically emulating a computer inside another. Very similar to a nintendo emulator in a computer. Check out the server edition, from vmware

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Free image Reading and Burning tool for windows

The tool is called imgburn, it can be found at
this tool is amazing, first off it is use to copy dvd's, to make iso(exact image copy of a CD) of anything, and I mean "anything" is great. Second the tool is only 1.5 mg. Combined with the right tools you will be on your way to backing up your dvd's. Or any game for that matter.
For a more profound tool for dvd back-ups checkout
is called DVDdecryptor.

VOIP tool of the future

Is called [email protected] some of you have heard of it some of you haven't it is both for windows and Linux alike, and it is the application that is behind the force of VOIP in the open source environment. For some nifty trick with this tool and a spare $35.00 and a server check out this guide. Build it yourself Unlimited Domestic Cell and house phone service for $35 a month.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Network Discovery and Monitoring tool for Windows

This is for a me a first of its kind it is called spiceworks, it is a basically a tool that runs off windows 2003 or XP, it runs in port 80 and it basically a "FREE" network monitoring tool that works very similar to those use in linux like nagios or Zenuss. It is a must try if your a windows only shop.