Thursday, June 19, 2008

New Browsers

Well Firefox 3 over all seems faster, they have included an auto complete on the address bar, which I think is pretty sweet. The GUI was changed slightly but nothing too dramatic.

What really astonished me was the new Opera browser 9.5, wow, that is all I can say wow. This thing has everything and a litttle bit more. Anything you would expect and need from a browser it has. First it has all he features that firefox has, plus cooler widgets. And finally someone gets the clue about bookmark synchronization, wow, the service is amazing and it is called opera link, check it out here:

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New Cool Thing to Do online

check this out it seems like this is the new "cool" thing to do online. I will do a miserable attempt to move the blog there. It is call video blogging and is basically having a life feed off your blog. My favorite podcast (Linux Action Show) just moved to this method, and I'm considering it.
Check out the site:

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Florida International University is hosting a event called HACK that BOX. I wonder what it is about?? Well I hope they continue putting out technical fun events like these that involve some creative thinking. The event takes places on ECS Room 280 and starts at 3:00 PM

I will be taking my new eeepc which I finally loaded with the new BT3 (BackTrack 3) to do some 'hacking' myself and take a whack at that box.

There I believe will be some prizes involved for whom ever is able to hack it.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Dominican Republic Tranning

I did a training the past week by Scientific Atlanta/Cisco. The training covered how to setup a Head End and use System Manager. System Manager is a server that manages analog cable systems, this managers everything down the line, it is the only machine you will ever need to manager over 500,000 analog cable boxes. This is a dead technology in the USA and Industrialized countries, but in 2nd world countries like Venezuela, Columbia, Dominican Republic, etc... Attached are the Pics of the system, the collocation/ Head End where we where working on and the system.