Monday, January 21, 2013

Submarine Update

It has been a while since an update for the submarine is provided, and the good news is most of it is already hash out. I have gotten most of the case design completed. At the current stage I'm working on the motor housings and the motherboards design (more on that later). At this point I have realized also this ROV needs a name hehehe!

So far below are rough draft design of what the frame will be layout to be. These will be constantly changing as the project starts getting shape. 

Front and Rear View Design:

Side View Design:
MotherBoard Design (Sits inside the Sub)

Also the bill of material is taking shape.

The current design does not include UP and DOWN propulsion which will be added by a third motor (position might be under the ROV) and powered by one of these.

The front frame will be static with a plexi glass front. Pictures coming soon (this piece is completed). The rear would be a thread PVC coupling similar to this one. The idea is to get the motherboard to slide it inside the 4" PVC center and slide it out to be worked this. Most of the code is proof of concept so far but soon I will be uploading it to my github. Thank you @_trialnerror_ for you invaluable advices, and help so far.

Some images of the materials: