Thursday, November 28, 2013,, Public CIF Updates

Its been a while since I provided an update on the ongoing  projects or anything new. First off want to extend a huge public thank you to Rebekah Monson (@rsm) for making and taking it to a new levels with the Awesome Foundation grant. She has a great recollection of the Subs evolution on the site with upcoming events. Hopefully we should be water testing it ASAP and I should be putting up an updated bill of materials and design plan. Alot of items have changed through the Subs evolution and I'm sure alot more will change as we start water testing it. is half cooked so far, I have a working application which collects OSINT data and stores it on a no SQL data store. The next step is making collectors for honeypots like Dionea or Amun and start making a search UI.

As to the public CIF instance I have to apologies for not being on top of new user request. Some have been backed up and I have not updated the service to CIF 1.0v yet. As time progressing I will be phasing out this service to replace it with as I get closer to a release candidate.